These easy ways to wake the sleeping fate

wake sleeping fateIn present time at most people run behind the mundane happiness. In this scenario it becomes very difficult to find the time for yourself. Due to this depression and mental stress have become usual problems. At most people have seen disturbing because of the mental relaxation.

If a person do many social tasks to help their community and peoples but never remember the god then cannot be happy in his life. so it is said that everyone should do devotion of god with nine ways. Let’s know these ways that can wake your sleeping fate and bring prosperity and peace in human’s life.

1. Faith in God
keeps a firm believer in god and keeps yourself calm in each situation weather it is grief or happiness. Keep your nature simple means don’t keep bad senses for anyone.

2. Feel god in each creation of nature
keep compassion and spirit for nature and others. Stay away from blip and discrimination.

3. Keep satisfaction and avoid blame philosophy
whatever you have take pleasure from that. In absence of happiness and longing of happiness, should not find evils and blames in others. Due to this in happiness you will remain sad because of conceptual flaws in mind. Even your mind seems religious if you have satisfaction and good mind.

4. Restraint of the senses
Keep cleans your nature, temperament and work. Abide of biography of scholars or ideals and story of god can make you determinate so follow these stories.