Pitra dosh solution

pitra doshIt is said that after the demise of someone, “may his soul rest in peace”. This sentence depicts that there are a lot of souls who after demise does not live in peace. All the pious souls are intimates of someone who live at today time. In Vedic astrology these souls are known as pitra.

A restless soul can be the cause of many troubles for their descendants and this problem is called as pitra dosh. In Indian scriptures and mythologies whole description is given about pitra dosh. Because of pitra dosh to their descendants a lot of problems arise like health issue, distress and so on. These dieses are unpredictable by the practitioners in medical science and medicines prescribed by them may be totally ineffective. Child health problem, stress in married life, unbearable pain after the medication, loads of anger, abnormal behavior, surge and fatalism in a relationship and so on are the basic issues because of pitra dosh.

In a relationship these discords may break the relation and this is because of the pitra dosh, as soon as it is must to find the solution of pitra dosh by astrology. Astrology is a only way to remove the pitra dosh from your life and we provide you best service of pitra dosh that will cure your trouble definitely.

Some solutions are provided in Vedic astrology that will definitely remove it

  • Take a vow with full rules to their elders and child, this vow will give you grace of your ancestors.
  • Donation to needy peoples is basic need; this will give you Dua of these peoples and will help to make your life prosperous.