Pitra dosh reason and removal

pitra doshThere are so much remedies or a perfect absolute remedy that can solve a very hard problem or typical to typical problem regardless of the bad power of the spirit. It is believed that according to our scriptures it is mentioned after the death of person in family food and accessories are donated to a Brahmin because after doing this that person get peace in heaven and leave engouement from their family members thereby can leave from here easily.

According to change in time views are also changing of peoples. Some peoples do not believe in this custom and believe it as a waste of money and time. But because of that after death that person do not make possible to go from here and make as pitra. This is called pitra dosh. Because of pitra dosh many problems are created in home, like mentally disturbance, ominous works happen and other unfavorable task happen that may fall in you the whole of trouble.

It is said that when there is an immediate death of a person before the natural death of a person then that person’s spirit could not make leave from here before right time. This is also reason of the pitra dosh. It is must that there should be a puja to calm and appease the pitra.

Pitra dosh specialist astrologer is the person who can accomplish this task. Consult with the astrologer is a wise decision to solve this problem.