Navagraha shanti pooja to appease planets


Here the term navagraha depicts 9 planets that move as celestial bodies and the belief is this movement at the time of birth decides the future of a human.  The Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and two else planets plays the role of shadow planet are Rahu and Ketu are all called navagraha. If in your horoscope these navagraha has malefic effect then it is said navagraha dosh. These nine planets are responsible for everything whatever we do in our life like our karma, our dreams and what we achieve, our success, desires, and our bad and good events are everything is decided by these planets.

These planets play a vital role to influence the life of a person may be in a good or bad way that is called dasha. The outcome of these planets may be terrible or may be good that gives you prosperity and success. To know about the dasha of the navagraha astrologer can guide you by examining your horoscope and suggest you very effective solutions that remove the impact of navagraha dosh. Navagraha puja is established to remove all the negative effects of the planets from your life and to make you heal with positive energy or to flow a energetic energy in your body navagraha dosh is accomplished.

At times we say that time is not our favor or now a day time is wrong for us. This bad time is because of the astrological effects that are planets and their position. Our bad time is attributed among the planets. To appease these planets navagraha shanti pooja is performed. There are mainly two ways to perform the navagraha pooja. One is by analyzing your janampatri and searching which planet had impact on you and then pooja to appease that graha. Second is if you know already about the planet that has impact then you can tell and astrologer can take further step for navagraha puja.