Face Reading

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Face Reading

Face Reading is like body language, gives a most important edge in silent communication. This is of the most significant ways of getting to know yourself & others in all of your relatives. When you see the core possible of a person, you will also see their peak possible.


It is our unique kind of communication. As babies, they do it naturally.


The first thing in Face Reading is ‘cut’ the persons head off and set it on a table. Don’t take it closely!!! Does the head stand square and resolute or does it roll around like a ball? This is so simple! Watch a baby play with structure blocks or those games where they put shapes in to the holes. Does a square fit in to a square hole or a round hole? In other words, does their personality or feature trait fit the role or job explanation?


The first impression you get of a person is the most crucial. What are the specific structure & the most famous feature that jumps out at you? For example, the face shape may be practical & square the oval possibly flexible & responsive, the rectangle perhaps resolute & determined, or the round face perhaps easygoing & willing to. A person’s most famous quality may be their huge brown eyes, warm, a prominent nose that could be a bit ‘nosey’, or narrow, tight lips may find life ‘tastes somewhat bitter’.


Astrologer Pandit Tarun Acharya is amazed in accuracy of Face Reading. You might need to give five minutes him and & he can tell more about your nature than a 10-page resume.